Who We Are

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Good job, good future.

GENSIS was established in 2005 to operate in the field of CE Marking, Quality Management Systems consultancy and Testing, Inspection, and Certification. 

In the developing process, GENSIS added Lift Engineering/Design Services to her portfolio to provide lift installation companies a full scope from pre-design to licensing and permitting.  


Today, GENSIS serves a total of 120 customers with a multidisciplinary team of engineers in different locations. 

Endüstri Mühendisleri Ekibi

Why We Exist?

To provide a good future to ourselves, our customers, and all stakeholders by doing a good job

Core Values


We are in the same ecosystem with all our stakeholders and if we are good, everyone in the ecosystem will be good 

Future&Value Focus

We are committed to providing a good future to all our stakeholders with all the values we create for them. 

Transparency & Accountability

We are committed to being transparent in everything we do, owning everything we do throughout its lifecycle, and constantly being accountable.


Being open to the ever-changing demands of the ecosystem; Continuous learning, adapting and thus responding to changes at the right time is the main focus of our business style.

Happy People & Happy Environment

We know that the best way to do good work is with happy employees and in a happy working environment.